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Remove objects and defects from your pictures 100% free

Quickly retouch any image from a browser, for free. You can use it to iron your shirts 👕, re-design any items 👠, retouch your selfies 🤳, create a clean background for a product picture 📸, fill up some missing space for a youtube thumbnail 🎬...etc!

Sponsored messages are now being tested by telegram in their messaging platform

Some more information about the upcoming sponsored messages feature appeared on the official localization platform.

Large userbase is troublesome for Telegram

Currently telegram uses 32bit integer datatype to store ids of telegram users, channels, groups and bots but now they are not sufficient to store increasing userbase in telegram messaging platform

Presearch partnered with coinmarketcap to bring CMC’s high-quality data to search results

Presearch and CoinMarketCap Announce Partnership to bring CMC’s high-quality data to search results, and introduce Presearch to millions of CoinMarketCap users!

Assigning a new owner of a group or telegram channel when deleting the original owners account

Telegram added the feature to transfer ownership of telegram channels and groups to existing administrator when owner deletes thier account.