Telegram Premium Accounts

Telegram Premium Accounts
By Jitendra | 25, Apr 2022

According to the information from Telegram Info channel, the upcoming updates for the Telegram app will introduce paid Premium Accounts with exclusive features. 

Previously, Pavel Durov told the team is considering stickers with extended functionality in the future. Perhaps, such stickers will be the first content in Telegram distributed on paid basis.

Which features will be available and how the Premium Accounts program will work is unknown at this moment.


Below is the list of things Durov told in his previous post, The main thing from his post.
- Telegram is not for sale (like others).
- It will exist for a long time.
- Additional features for business teams and users with advanced needs.
- Monetization will start in 2021.
- All current services will remain free.
- All services related to communication will remain without ads.
- An advertising exchange for Telegram channels will appear.
- Monetization will benefit not only the messenger, but also users in the form of additional traffic for channel owners from the platform, and for artists from stickers.

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