Complete guide on permanently deleting your telegram account

Complete guide on permanently deleting your telegram account
By Jitendra | 05, Mar 2023

Immediately delete your telegram account with 5 simple steps

Please follow the below 5 steps to permanently delete you telegram account and all the contents associated with it

  • Visit
  • Enter your telegram account mobile no in the input field and click next,
  • Copy and paste the code you just received in your telegram in the field which popped up after you clicked on next button,
  • In the new window click on the "delete account" option and enter the reason for leaving telegram.
  • Click Delete my account button and confirm the alert message. You will receive a success message on the top stating your account is deleted.


Delete your account after certain time

If you want to delete your account after certain inactivity period then follow the below steps. This option will also delete your account permanently so proceed cautiously.

  • Open your telegram and go to settings
  • Choose Privacy & Security option
  • Scroll down to bottom, In the Delete my account section choose the time when you want telegram to auomatically delete your account. As shown in the image below.

delete telegram account after certain time.jpg

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