Telegram received its january 2022 update

Telegram received its january 2022 update
By Jitendra | 31, Jan 2022

Video Stickers

  • Use a new type of detailed stickers with smooth animations.
  • Create new sets by sending .webm videos to stickers.
  • Bring your custom animated stickers from other apps.

Better Reactions

  • See smaller, compact animations when reacting to messages.
  • See real-time animations in chat when a user reacts to your message.
  • React with additional emoji expressing love, appreciation, anger or surprise. 

Read Status for Reactions

  • Tap the new button in chats to jump to your messages that have unseen reactions.
  • Watch the animations for unseen reactions play when you hit the button.

And More

  • The app will warn you before closing if you are uploading photos or files to a chat.
  • Enjoy better screencast quality in video chats.

Read all about this update on the Telegram blog

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