Telegram is switching to a new user ID system

Telegram is switching to a new user ID system
By Jitendra | 03, Dec 2021

Update Your Telegram App!

Telegram is switching to a new user ID system. Earlier, Telegram used the int32 value storage system it has been since the launch of the application in 2013, where the range of user IDs, bots, groups and channels is already ending. In this regard, new users would simply lose the opportunity to register in the messenger, and the old ones would lose the opportunity to create groups, channels and bots. Because of that, Telegram disabled signing up on old versions of Telegram apps.

To keep access to all features of the messenger, it's strongly recommended to update your app to the most recent version.

Telegram will work correctly if your app is as old or newer than:

— Telegram for Android 8.2.7
— Telegram X for Android
— Telegram for iOS 8.2.2
— Telegram Desktop 3.2.5
— Telegram macOS 8.2.0.
— Unigram: 8.0.6614.

Don't worry if your device is 32bit: 32bit processors can work with 64bit numbers.

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