Remove objects and defects from your pictures 100% free

Remove objects and defects from your pictures 100% free
By Jitendra | 20, Oct 2021

Cyril Diagne today launched an awesome image editing tool on product hunt which can help you to clean your image in no time.


Read what he had to share with you.

Today, I'm thrilled to finally introduce βœ¨πŸ–Œ

It's a free, open-source tool to quickly clean up any picture in the browser .

πŸ’» App:

πŸ€– Code: (Apache License 2.0)

πŸ₯° 100% free & open source thanks to

You can use it to iron your shirts πŸ‘•, re-design any items πŸ‘ , retouch your selfies 🀳, create a clean background for a product picture πŸ“Έ, fill up some missing space for a youtube thumbnail 🎬...etc!

I've been wanting a tool like this forever!

Inpainting is an essential piece of the image editing workflow and it's amazing to see the quality that we're able to get now. Assembled with other pieces such as high precision matting, semantic segmentation, relighting..etc. we can unlock more intuitive and expressive ways to create content.

I really hope you enjoy it and please let me know if you have any feedback or encounter any issue

😊 Thank you all!

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