How to make video sticker from video or GIF for Telegram

How to make video sticker from video or GIF for Telegram
By Jitendra | 01, Feb 2022

To create such video stickers, you need software that allows you to export the project to .WEBM with an alpha channel.

Requirements for video stickers

  • Format: .WEBM with VP9 codec and 30 fps.
  • Size: exactly 512px on one side and up to 512px on the other.
  • Weight: up to 256 KB.
  • Duration: up to 3 seconds.
  • Other: The video must be looped for optimal user experience, contain a transparent layer (alpha channel is a temporary requirement), and do not contain an audio stream.

Create video stickers

You can create animations in your favorite application, however, depending on your export settings, you may need a converter to create a file ready to be uploaded to Telegram.

For example, the ffmpeg console application natively supports export to .WEBM with VP9 codec and alpha channel (transparent layer) . By the way, in the next update, Telegram plans to remove the requirement for the alpha channel, and then it will be possible to use the open source Handbrake application.

Adobe package lovers can use Adobe Media Encoder with a modified byfnord plugin ( GitHub link ):

  • Plugin for Windows - put in the folder C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore
  • Plugin for macOS - put in ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/7.0/MediaCore

After installing the plugin, .WEBM will appear in the list of formats on the "Queue" tab. On macOS, you may need to go to Settings - Security & Privacy to confirm the installation.

Render Options

If this is your first time working with software to convert (or export) files, then here are some tips from Telegram that can help.

  • Make sure VP9 is selected in the codec settings - some applications may use VP8 by default.
  • Be sure to delete all audio streams (for example, uncheck "Export Audio" in Adobe programs).
  • Make sure the frame rate is constant at 30 fps.
  • Use a constant and lower (or lowest) quality setting - the size will decrease dramatically without significantly degrading the picture.
  • In Adobe Media Encoder, make sure Renderer is set to "Software Only".
  • After Effects projects integrate directly with Media Encoder via File - Export - Add to Media Encoder Queue .

Uploading video stickers to Telegram

To create a sticker pack and upload video stickers, you need to use the official @Stickers bot . The command to add video stickers is /newvideo . Next, you need to follow the instructions of the bot.

If you wish, you can add an icon in .WEBM format to the sticker pack. It should be 100x100px and have a looping animation no longer than 3 seconds. The bot will request an icon during one of the stages of creating a sticker pack.

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