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After updating Telegram, some users may have to wait a minute or two for their chat database to be optimized for 64-bits, but sometimes Telegram stuck on updating.

Telegram is switching to a new user ID system

Earlier, Telegram used the int32 value storage system it has been since the launch of the application in 2013, where the range of user IDs, bots, groups and channels is already ending

Uber will partner with WhatsApp to launch messenger travel bookings in India.

The new opportunity will help attract an additional audience due to the existing WhatsApp in India database with an active audience of 500 million.

Alternative method of authorization in Telegram

The beta version of Telegram for iOS is testing an alternative authorization format. Now, when entering the account, a reset call is sent to the user's number

Upcoming features in Telegram 8.3 Update

Recognizing Text in Images on iOS, caption formatting, New profile design, Message Reactions and much more