How to enter raffle for 100 TON Diamond NFTs?

How to enter raffle for 100 TON Diamond NFTs?
By Jitendra | 02, Jan 2022

First NFT on TON

TON Diamonds are about to shine. These unique animated NFTs are a result of truly delicate work. Be the first to know about the launch and limited campaigns. Subscribe to TON diamonds Telegram channel.

What are TON Diamonds?

10,000 unique NFTs created just for The Open Network. Every diamond is a lottie-animation — a perfect blend of code and visuals.


NFTs will make your account more unique: you’ll be able to replace a standard gem with a TON Diamond which will be displayed both in your wallet and in the explorer account.


Every TON Diamond can be composed of up to 7 properties: shape, color, size, the number of facets, glow, background and the shine – a property of truly unique pieces.


How to enter into Raffle to win free NFT

Enter the raffle for 100 NFTs. To be able to win, you need to apply for participation in @TonDiamondsDropBot and follow simple rules in the bot

100 NFT will be distributed on January 30, 2022 at 22:00. The chance to win TON Diamonds directly depends on the points: the more there are, the higher the probability of getting NFT.

How are the winners selected? Depending on the number of points in the bot, each participant will be assigned a range of numbers. The more points a user has, the wider the range of numbers and, accordingly, the higher the probability of getting an NFT.

Which user is considered an invitee?

We consider invited participants to those who completed the main task: subscribed to the Russian TON and TON Diamonds channels. For each such user, you get 100 points. If a user at some point unsubscribes from one of the channels, then he ceases to be a member and points for his invitation are deducted.


Read more about TON Diamonds on the official website

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