Germany to investigate crimes using Telegram

Germany to investigate crimes using Telegram
By Jitendra | 26, Jan 2022

The German Federal Criminal Office (BKA) announced the creation of a task force to investigate crimes committed on Telegram. The agency specifies that the group will identify suspects and bring them to justice.

This work is carried out in close cooperation with the police of the federal states and the central office for combating cybercrime of the prosecutor's office of Frankfurt am Main as part of a joint definition of key areas of work, the WKA said.

Also, the agency, together with the state criminal investigation departments, “is studying the behavior of Telegram in relation to requests for deletion and issuance of data” in investigations “in the field of politically motivated crimes.”

The press service of the WKA, citing data from German security agencies, also stated that Telegram is increasingly turning into a communication platform for radicalization.

This has affected, among other things, political officials and authorized persons, as well as people from the field of science and medicine who are publicly participating in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic, in particular, has contributed to people becoming radicalized on Telegram, threatening others, or even posting calls to kill. The rule of law must resolutely confront this disturbing development.

We strive to cooperate with Telegram, but we will also take our own measures if Telegram does not cooperate,” said BKA President Holger Münch.

Recall that in mid-January 2022, German Interior Minister Nancy Feather said she did not rule out blocking Telegram in Germany. In her opinion, this will be a last resort if other measures of influence do not work.

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