Brazil is considering a ban on Telegram

Brazil is considering a ban on Telegram
By Jitendra | 21, Jan 2022

Authorities in Brazil fear that the messenger could be used to send out mass disinformation ahead of elections scheduled for October.

The current head of the TSE (local analogue of the CEC), Luis Roberto Barroso, sent several letters to Pavel Durov, but did not receive a response.  In these letters, the TSE proposed to hold a meeting with the Telegram administration and discuss possible measures aimed at ensuring the security of the upcoming elections.  Similar arrangements already exist with Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Telegram has recently been gaining popularity among supporters of the country's current president, Jair Bolsonaro. In early 2021, he started a Telegram channel and even received a verification checkmark, and actively used the messenger during his election campaign in 2018.

Barroso has previously said that "no significant participant in the 2022 electoral process can work in Brazil without proper legal representation, which would be responsible for complying with national laws and judicial decisions."  Thus, he hinted at the need to open a physical representation of such companies, including Telegram, in the country.  Otherwise, he believes, their work in the country should be banned by legislators.

src : Telegram info

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